Decisions, decisions! It is time to get to work, and I still haven't figured out exactly what my show is going to be yet! Apparently the word 'procrastinate' doesn't exist in most other languages. Damn. 

Currently I'm thinking that my thesis will have two parts. First, I will create a set of illustrations (three to four) which illustrate words that exist in other languages. This section will suggest to the viewer that words are concrete examples of how cultures vary, and that the fact that these words exist in these cultures changes the way we might interact with them. Part two would be a set of made-up words that I am introducing into the English language. These words don't exist in any other language either. This part of the exhibit will more or less say, "after learning that information from part 1, how might our culture look if we had the following words in our vocabulary?"

I'm not sure what these words will be yet (it's kind of hard to think about how you might make up a word. Should I still be pulling from Latin roots?), but I have some ideas on directions to go in. Some words that I think need updates or variations are: Work, Play, Passion, Career, Feminism, Rape, Pet. I've got a long list going, but those are some of my favorites. Still not sure how to introduce this second part of the show. What do you guys think about creating a pocket-sized journal with a bunch of games, notes, ideas, and questions on each page--sort of like those "destroy this journal" journals? 


The option I'm currently  most excited about is option 3 from last week. I think it would be so cool to invent a set of new words, words that would arguably change the way our culture functions. I'm so enamored by the idea of tying cultural change to my artwork. Up until now I'd just been thinking about delightful illustrations I could do and educational giveaways I might have at the show. I love the idea of proposing something bigger! 

However, I've had some trouble coming up with how this idea will take shape at the show. I could create my own mini-dictionary outlining my new words. Or perhaps I create some kind of game for the viewer. Maybe something along the lines of Taboo (get your teammate to guess a word without using a set of forbidden words given to you). Maybe I could create a newspaper of sorts that has articles about language, a crossword in the back, and imagery about the words expected social impact. I'm not sure yet! None of these seem perfect for me, so I'm going to have to keep thinking about it in the upcoming week.